school is starting tomorrow so that’s NUTSO eyy but hopefully i’ll be able to post a lot of gay anime junk anyway.  i should be starting my second, episodic (ooo) webcomic about gay oni kids so I’ll post that up when the first issue is done.  I’m actually pretty close with that, and there’ll be info on ordering actual copies when I post it so cool!! it’s all very cool.

good luck with school, good luck with life!



Episode Two: A Freak in the Sheets

Trigger warnings: Violence, Suicide (mentioned)

Do you like ghost stories? Have you ever heard of Slenderman? Of course you have. But are you dedicated? Do you LOVE him? If you have any common sense, probably not. This week, we explore the creepypasta fandom, a collection of people who really want to sleep with characters from their favorite spooky stories. In this episode, the readers are the homemade kind, not the canned variety.

Document provided by Jack.

Music used in this Episode:
1. Monster – Kanye West
2. Creep – Radiohead
3. Can You Feel the Sunshine – Sonic Team
4. Love me Dead – Ludo
5. Spooky Scary Skeletons Remix – The Living Tombstone
6. Cups – Anna Kendrick (covered by Paint)

New episode!


My roommates and I just started a podcast dedicated to reading horrible fan fiction featuring reader inserts.  Our first episode featured questionable content from the Hetalia fandom, our second will come out late next week and features the Creepypasta fandom.  It’s pretty funny, at least we hope so!! Please give our rough first episode a listen and please share our page so we can get the ball rolling.





Ever wanted to fuck an entire country? For our maiden voyage, the Fanfic x Reader cast explores the fandom of Axis Powers Hetalia, an anime about personified countries from World War II being ~goofy~.  Sound questionable?  It is.  In this episode, the readers drink gallons of cherry blossom tea. 

As this is our first episode, our volume is not quite what it should be. We suggest headphones for a better listening experience. 

Document provided by Jack.

Music Credit:

Marukaite Chikyuu – Axis Powers Hetalia

Around the World – Daft Punk

I Am a Vampire – Antsy Pants

The Delicious Tomato Song – Axis Powers Hetalia

Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm

Walk the Line – Johnny Cash

Crazy – Patsy Cline

Butterfly – Aqua

My roommates and I get drunk and read bad fanfiction with reader inserts.  Please give this a listen and share it if you like!! It’s a ton of fun and we have a lot of great stuff planned.